• Brian Lee

Race Info For Divine Intervention - Drakken

Some background information on the Drakken, the last of five playable races in my tabletop game, Divine Intervention. The Drakken are the newest race in the game, created by the returned gods. The Drakken were once Drakelings - an outcast scavenger race. Born from failed results of selective breeding by the Dragons, they were left in the Great Desert to die. The gods have unlocked the draconic genetic potential of some Drakelings, transforming them into Drakken. Many Drakken see their new power as an opportunity to get revenge on those who mistreated them, or to overthrow the Monstrosities like the Dragons.

Players can use the background information to help them decide which race they'd like to be. This also gives players ideas of how to role play their character.

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