• Brian Lee

D&D Character Portrait - Erival, the Fighter/Scout

This is a digital painting I made for my character Erival in my brother's D&D campaign. Erival is a mercenary for hire who joined a crew that unfortunately became labelled as pirates. Reaper, the dragon god of death began hunting them down. Recently our group used a stolen map from another pirate captain to lead us to some treasure. We solved some puzzles, but not before the pirate captain found us unconscious and took us prisoner. Thankfully, some quick thinking by another party member Vexo, led to our escape. Vexo summoned his shadow fox companion and used it to draw the attention of the other pirates, who fired at the creature with their pistols. The pirates hit the mirror behind the fox, which spawned a bunch of monsters, and we escaped in the chaos as the pirates died. We went on to solve the final puzzle of the tower, which involved finishing the wizard/physicist's research (which had turned him into nothing but light and a bunch of possible futures). Vexo, worshiper of Medea (a demon fox, god of lies) traded some gold to turn a lie into truth - he gained all the knowledge in the wizard's books and understood it. Then he chose a future for the wizard where the man had accomplished both his research and had a family. Apparently this action had repercussions on all reality, and there are changes to the game's timeline now - changes that Medea got to make. We get to find out what has happened to the world in a couple weeks time.

D&D Character Portrait - Erival, the Fighter/Scout © Brian Lee Art

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