• Brian Lee

Character Cards for Divine Intervention

Character Cards - Divine Intervention © Brian Justin Lee

Here are the current 10 starting character cards for my tabletop game, Divine Intervention. There are 2 cards per race (Atlantean, Human, Shivan, Drakken, and Sidhé), and each character has an equal distribution of Skill and Stat points. The character names and starting morality help define that character for a role-playing element, but can be changed if a player wishes something different. After feedback from a previous playtest, I've adjusted the design and simplified the cards to their most basic elements. The original character cards were larger (the size of a postcard), but by condensing all the information on to the size of a standard card, I'll have more flexibility with packaging, special features (like foiling, sleeves), and the cards will take up less table space. The starting feats (passive abilities that improve a character) that were on the character cards are also now their own separate cards. I'm excited to see how these changes work out in the next playtest!

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